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Ego, Experience and Pragmatism in Tech

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Engineering Career
Clément Sauvage
Clément Sauvage
I like to make softwares

This article is a draft of the though I have after seeing this video from Hussein Nasser, who is a software engineer, instructor and a person whose work I greatly appreciate.

  • More experience engineers tend to be more pragmatic, and less enthusiastic about change, when younger engineers tend to show more interests in newer and promising technologies, they usually have more eager to learn.
  • Sometimes, we take decisions that are not pointing toward the original goal of a functional software, we give a lot (too much?) attention to increasing the speed of the software, making a UI more impressive, using a promising new tech. But these choices don’t always make sense in the whole complexity of the current structure in place.
  • Most of the choices in tech are subjects to debates, “it depends” as we always say. And it’s healthy to have the said debates, we learn from each other’s and we question ourselves. But it is important to maintain a welcoming and empathic debate environment, putting egos aside.