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👋 Hey! I am Clément a software engineer currently working on the backend at Leboncoin, France’s biggest generalist marketplace. I write and scale services that serve +500k request/minutes in Go.

I intend to blog here and there on this website, as I am always looking to learn more, create, and help others. The main topic I hope to write about should be mostly around the backend stack, software architecture, system design and scalability. Also some business posts, personal growth, and general thoughs.

Mainly, I like to work with Golang and Python, but, it’s important to give more attention overall to the more general concepts needed to build and maintain robust softwares, no matter what tool is used.

Enjoying application development as a whole, I also find myself to be interested in DevOps, Frontend (VueJS, HTMX) and Mobile development (Flutter).

Don’t forget to check out what I am working on through my Github, connect with me on Linkedin and have a look at my CV! Talk to you soon!