Clément Sauvage

Engineering and Computer Science Student


I am a Computer science and engineering student who has a passion about bringing digital software and products to life.

I am interested in the whole product lifecycle, from the ideation, the visual and architectural design, the product and project management, the development, deployment and scaling of the projects.


Side project built with Flask and Charts.js where the user can upload his whatsapp chats to process data and charts about it.
Data Science job board built mainly around Django which started as a training project to master the project development cycle and the best practices
A small side project built with NuxtJS to practice VueJS. The tool allows users to quickly access the summary of wikipedia articles in a window where they can activate a darkmode.
A small side project built with NextJS to practice React. This tool is essentially a curated list of front end and web design tools.
School project in which an the user can play on an android app to differents games implying face expression recognition. I was mainly working on the application of a machine learning model and setting it in production through a REST API.

Favorite techs

Backend Development
Python, Javascript, Java, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Node.js, Express.js, SpringBoot
Frontend Development
Vue.js (Nuxt.js), React.js (Next.js)
Mobile Development
Docker, Unix, Git, TravisCI
Figma, Pycharm, IntelliJ, Pycharm, VSCode

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